Plies – Rock ( Official Music Video )

Plies – Rock ( Official Music Video )

Plies – “Rock” (Official Music Video)


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Hip Hop Recording Artist BigJohn Gears Up For The Release Of His 2021 Album ‘Neva Too Late’

Upcoming hip hop star and recording artist BigJohn is all set to release his forthcoming album, ‘Neva Too Late’ in January 2021. After a successful run in the hip hop industry and many hits to his name, he is ready to take his musical legacy to a new degree of accomplishment with the new album.

Recording artist John Anthony Zieglar was born in Columbus, Ohio who later changed his stage name to BigJohn. He is also the founder of the production label BigJohn Entertainment that has been instrumental in his growth and exposure as an artist in many ways. He used to be an air conditioning service technician for over 8 years before he pursued his career as a rapper and a hip hop artist. This stands as an inspiration to not just his audiences but also for other upcoming musicians who often shy away from realizing their dreams and aspirations.

Hip hop artist BigJohn hails Plies from big Gates Records as his biggest inspiration. Although he always felt a sense of belongingness with music, it was not until 2010 that he started writing his content. Soon he imbibed his musical style and eccentricity and there has been no looking back since. The upcoming album is set to accumulate and present his insights and wisdom as an individual and as an artist who is ready to accomplish the highest levels of success, popularity, and creative greatness. BigJohn’s ability of lyrical and rhythmic symbiosis sits fit with that of the current musical wave allowing him to travel closer to his fans.

BigJohn says that his music is such that is relatable to everyone. His thematic tribute for love and partnership has been reflected in his music many times that deviates greatly from the common issues in hip hop and rap music. Forming an exclusive musical canvas, his songs like ‘Can’t Nobody’ or ‘Can’t Fill Your Shoes’ are personal sagas that touch the hearts of his fans. A vocal and musical delivery like no other, his music is eccentric and often imbibes trains of contemporary pop. The artist himself is fond of experiments as he constantly allows his soundscape to breathe and grow through the years of cultural and creative evolution. He is also a fond guitarist whose canvas is open to all kinds of music. His exposure also indirectly influences his soundscape and makes it stand out in creative glory.

The upcoming album ‘Neva Too Late’ is set to add another quote of creative excellence to his work. His other album, ‘We Goin Live’ also created a lot of buzz and audience engagement. He has always acknowledged the support of his audience that helped him stay humble and grounded during the course of his journey as an artist. He is also a family man who is always maintaining the work-life balance with the right ingredients. All his songs are textured with emotional themes and musical subtleties that help his audiences to relate to them on a deeper level of empathy and understanding.

The legacy of hip hop has seen many artists come forward with his individualism and creative expressions. BigJohn’s music is inspired by R&B styled rap bars and a vocal intensity that will flatter anybody, anywhere. ‘Can’t Nobody’ is definitely one of the biggest hits of his career. His sense of arrangement and production is commendable as all his projects brim with the creative assurance of good melodic editing. The artist is currently based out of Deland, Florida, and is looking forward to some exciting new projects in the next year.

BigJohn is rapidly making a passage through the industry with his honesty, modesty, and creative straightforwardness. Mark your dates for ‘Neva Too Late’ in January and get ready to groove in an all-new musical arrangement. The artist himself is curating the new album that will contain some of his best works to date. Hip hop and rap essentials are being defined in a new light with this album that is set to indulge the global audience into an engaging stream of lyrical and rhythmic prognosis. Stay tuned to his newest release and follow his work on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for new updates.

​Exclusive Spotlight Interview With Rising Hip-Hop Star BigJohn

Hip Hop Artist BigJohn ( 863BigJohn )

BigJohn an American Hip-Hop Artist who was born in Columbus, Ohio. I moved to Florida when I was approximately 14.

Where are you from?

I am from the west side of Columbus, Ohio. Born at Mount Carmel Hospital on April 17 th , 1984.

When did you start making music?

I started this long journey in the Music Industry back in 2010 when I released my very first song called “Livin Dat Life”, Inspired by Big Gates Records artist Plies.

How do you describe your music?

I would describe my music as “Real True To Life” music. I do not focus on one topic when I am writing songs, my goal has always to been reach people all around the world with lyrics that people can relate to in their past and current situations.

Favorite moment from your career?

My favorite moment in the music industry would have to be when I shot the music video for the song called “We Goin Live”. I had so much support from the people in Polk County and directly from the city I lived in Waverly, Florida.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

My biggest musical inspiration now and always is Big Gates Records artist Plies. When he first came out, I would listen to his music constantly every day. I really love his delivery, lyrical realness and his presentation. He is the reason I wanted to start writing music back in 2010.

What is your producing software?

Over the years I have mainly used Mixcraft but I have always had the pleasure of working with Pro Tools on the mac operating system. My go to is still Mixcraft as it has a user friendly UI and it can produce some really good sounding vocals.

What other things do you do besides making music?

When I am not making music, I am working, playing video games on the Xbox, spending time with family and living the best life.

What is your favorite track of all time?

I am assuming this question is referring to BigJohn music so I will have to say my favorite track that I have written would be “Can’t Fill Your Shoes”. The song has such deep meaning for me as I wrote it as a tribute to my father who passed away.

BigJohn – Can’t Nobody ( Official Music Video )

What is your best-producing tip?

If you are gonna record in a professional studio, then if at all possible, try to record your self at home before jumping in the booth. People wanna hear the emotion in your voice and tone changes through- out the song you are producing.

Why did you start making music?

I really loved how Big Gates Records artist Plies was able to reach me mentally and emotionally with songs such as “One Day”, “Rich Folk” and “On my D*ck”. I wanted to portray my thoughts and feelings to the world so I too could make a difference in somebody’s life. For a lot of people around the world, music can help if you are feeling depressed, going through hard times or just need to zone out from the rest of the world.

What are your goals for the future?

In the future, I would like to do more shows and release more music that people can relate to. Every day that passes I want to be better and more knowledgeable than the previous day. I never want to stand still but with every move that I make I want it to be progress.

What advice could you give to young artists/producers/dj’s?

Make the world feel the tunes deep down in their soul. One of the many great qualities that make us human is we have feelings and through music we can speak directly to the hearts and minds of people.

Please write a message to your fans.

I can not thank my fans enough for the continued support over the years. I would not be where I am at now in the music industry if it was not for my people standing by me and supporting me in the complex and competitive industry. I am very blessed to have all of my fans and I can not thank them enough.






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