[Murder] 20 Year old man charged with shooting in lakeland

Jaishawn Broome

Lakeland Police Department Press Release

LAKELAND, FL (December 3, 2020) – On Monday, November 30, 2020, Lakeland Police detectives, with the assistance of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office and US Marshals Service, arrested Jaishawn Broome, age 20, for his involvement in a shooting that took place on November 6, 2020. On Friday, November 6, 2020, at approximately 1:45 a.m., officers responded to Kathleen Road and George Jenkins Boulevard’s intersection in reference to a call reporting shots fired. A witness advised that an unknown occupant of a white Audi shot into a grey Nissan Altima as both vehicles were stopped at the intersection. Both cars immediately left the scene. A short time later, three males, two 19 years of age and one age 20, exited a grey Nissan Altima and walked into Lakeland Regional Health’s emergency room. One male had no injuries and one had a minor injury for which he was treated and released. The 20-year-old victim had what was determined later to be a serious gunshot injury. The Audi was found abandoned near Candyce Avenue with two guns inside.  Detectives were able to determine the driver of the Audi to be Jaishawn Broome. It was reported he had a long on-going dispute with the victim and believed him to be responsible for shooting at his residence a short time earlier. A search warrant of Broome’s residence was issued, and inside, detectives located items related to the guns found in the abandoned Audi. It was also discovered that Broome had recently rented the Audi from a friend for a few days.  In the days following the shooting, the victim’s condition worsened, and he passed on November 10, 2020, from injuries sustained. 

Jaishawn Broome was located in Hernando County on Monday, November 30, 2020, and taken into custody. He is awaiting transport back to Polk County and faces charges of:

  1. One Count / 2nd Degree Murder
  2. Two Counts / Attempted 2nd Degree Murder

Original Content Source: The Daily Ridge

[Florida] Polk County Sheriff punches man twice while in handcuffs.

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — A video posted to Facebook, that appears to show a Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputy hitting a man in handcuffs, has made its way to Sheriff Grady Judd. 

According to Judd, a complete and thorough investigation will be completed, but there is more to the story than what the video show. 

The eight-minute video, which captures a fight that broke out on Chesnut Rd. in Lakeland on May 6, is below.

In the video, two men can be seen hitting each other, while a woman and another man in a neon shirt stand nearby.

Eventually, the fight stops, and the man in the neon shirt walks off with one of the men allegedly involved in the fight. At the same time, the video shows another fight breaking out across the street.

That’s when multiple sheriff’s office patrol cars arrived.

According to Judd, deputies arrived in “emergency mode” and began working the scene in order to sort out: What is going on? Who is fighting? Is anyone hurt? And is there guns or knives?

While doing so deputies attempted to talk to, the man in the neon shirt, now known as 20-year-old Fernando Jimenez, who they say, witnessed the first fight and was in the area of the second fight. But, he attempted to leave, according to the sheriff’s office. 

That’s when deputies attempted to arrest Jimenez who, Sheriff Judd said then resisted and spit on a female deputy. 

“I don’t need to tell you at this time of COVID when everybody’s supposed to be socially distancing,” Judd started before explaining how the group was not socially distancing. “But, when I look at that , and then one of my deputies gets spit directly in the face by a guy, never mind HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C, but now we have COVID.”

As for where the video appears to show one of the deputies strike Jimenez twice while he is held against the trunk area– Judd confirms this, saying the deputy hit him while attempting to get Jimenez under control.

Then deputies worked to place Jimenez in the back of a patrol car where his legs were tethered together to keep him from kicking out any windows, according to the sheriff’s office.

He also had a spit guard placed on his face because “this guy [was] trying to spit on everybody,” according to Sheriff Judd.

Now, the incident is under a complete and “thorough” investigation. 

“I can tell you one thing we are going to do a complete and thorough investigation. I have built a reputation of doing what’s right. If there’s a violation of the rules then they will be held accountable for that,” Judd said. “But, I can tell you clearly and unequivocally in this day and age of COVID, HIV, Hepatitis, how would you respond if somebody spit in your face today? In the middle of this pandemic? When the state of Florida is under a state of emergency. You would stop it, you would stop it.”

Both deputies are set to be tested for COVID-19.

The sheriff’s office said the video is also under review as it was just obtained on Thursday. 

But, Judd is grateful for the video for another reason, sharing that it allows them to get a clearer picture of the fights and charge people who may not yet have been charged.

Jimenez is facing charges for resisting without violence, resisting with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer. He has since bonded out of jail. 

[Florida] Polk County Sheriffs Violate Citizens Rights And Slam Innocent Man.

Polk County Sheriff’s office and Lake Hamilton Police department in Florida was dispatched to an address in lake hamilton, Florida on April 18th, 2020 at approximately 1:30 am, searching for a Tyrek Washington. The homeowners advised the officers that Washington was not at the residence and that they do not consent to a search of their home without a warrant.

The homeowner proceeded to close the door as he was exercising his rights when the officers slammed him to the ground and charged him with Assault on a Leo and resisting arrest. This is a perfect example of how the Polk County Sheriff’s office violates the rights of the residence in Polk County, Florida.

Watch this daunting video of how it all went down.

After the officers slam the homeowner for no reason, his daughter calls 911 reaching out for justice from the police and she was charged for Misuse of an emergency hotline and resisting arrest. I guess, if the police are violating your rights and slamming you illegally, then you are deemed helpless.

The family has retained a private attorney and plan on filing a complaint against the Sheriff’s department as well as Lake Hamilton Police department. Additionally, the family has reached out to several news outlets to bring awareness and to potentially slow the spread of these outrageous actions taken by the people who are supposed to protect and serve us.

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